We are neighbours, high school friends and University flatmates.


A casual sharing on our recent purchases of eco-friendly goods inspired us both to be more open minded and creative in the ways that we can break free from our conventional consumer habits.


We want to initiate a conversation, with everyone, on the options we have to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

So, Let's Talk Earth

It is evident that environmental consciousness is becoming a major focus of the society. But do you know what it is really about? 

Here at Earthero, we introduce environmentally friendly alternatives, share day-to-day lifestyle tips to reduce waste based on our firsthand experience, and communicate issues very relevant to us and our beautiful planet Earth.

Small steps accumulate to significant strides. We work towards laying down the first steps towards your low waste journey and gradually countering the convenience behaviour so common around us. 

From bringing your own reusables and ditching disposable products, to reducing plastic packaging and learning to recycle properly, and even further to exploring green substitutes and buying second-hand goods, there are many things we can do. But nothing happens overnight. Start exploring today! Ultimately, we wish to encourage people to live more consciously, sustainably and intentionally.



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