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Carbon Offset

My understanding of ‘carbon offset’ used to be neutralising carbon emissions by planting trees that would absorb the same quantity of carbon dioxide that you caused to be produced. But recently I learnt that tree-planting alone isn’t realistic enough in countering our growing rate of emissions, & there are also many other types of carbon offsets designed to permanently reduce future emissions & dependency on fossil fuels, eg. renewable energy plants, improved forest management, waste management, & efficient cooking stoves for less developed communities. 以前我對「碳抵消」嘅認識僅止於通過植樹項目來中和碳排放,原理上新種植嘅樹木可以吸收等同人類活動所造成嘅二氧化碳💨。但最近我了解到單單以植樹來抵消不斷增長嘅碳排放係唔現實嘅,原來仲有許多不同類型嘅碳抵消計劃,如專研再生能源、改善森林管理、廢物管理及在發展中社區提供高效爐灶等,可更有效長遠地降低碳排放同對化石燃料嘅依賴。

A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of CO2 or other GHGs in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere that’s unavoidable. In a way it’s like crowdfunding for climate action: buying Certified or Voluntary Emission Reductions (CERs, VERs) is a direct financial contribution to responsible projects that bring down emissions while benefiting communities around them. There’s no way to prove additionality of the projects with certainty - that’s why it’s important to offset via certification systems like the Gold Standard & UN that offer extra credibility. Check out @ecoinprogress post for more reliable sources of offsets! 碳抵消就係透過各種減少溫室氣體排放嘅項目,來彌補其他地方無法避免嘅碳足印,整體減輕全球暖化。某程度上,碳抵消就像為氣候行動進行眾籌:購買核證或自願認證減排量來直接資助減排項目,同時令周邊社區受益。當然,我們冇辦法知道碳抵消係咪有真正積極嘅效果, 所以更要支持經Gold Standard或聯合國認正嘅項目。 .

Last but not least, offsetting carbon is NOT a way of avoiding changes to un-environmentally friendly ways of living. To support the transition to a low-carbon sustainable future, we must be responsible for our own carbon footprint & take climate conscious steps to reduce emissions in the first place. Airlines often offer the option to offset CO2 emissions generated from flight travel. @cathaypacific allows passengers to contribute towards offset projects validated by the Gold Standard & it’s totally affordable. 要緊記,碳抵消唔係一個可以俾人繼續唔環保嘅藉口,紓緩氣候變化始終需要從節約能源開始。為了低碳可持續嘅未來,我地需要對自己嘅碳足跡負責,並時刻實踐減排。航空公司也會提供抵消飛行所產生的碳排放選項呢。



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