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Ditch disposables and opt for reusables when you have a choice. (There’s always a choice -The extent of your commitment makes all the differences!) 可以選擇嘅話,就盡量避免使用即棄用品吧,可重複使用嘅產品有好多款架。 . One question to consider when buying reusable products is - how ‘green’ are they? There’re lots of grey area in the production of eco-friendly, reusable products so only buy from stores or suppliers who are responsible in their operations. Do some research before your purchases and spend your money on businesses you’d like to support. 購買可重複使用嘅產品時需要考慮嘅一個問題是 - D產品有幾“green”?環保產品嘅生產過程方面存在灰色地帶,所以記得係盡責嘅商店或供應商購買。在購買之前做一些調查,將錢用係你想支持的企業上。



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