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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

What do you usually do with your packaging? Almost everything we buy are packaged, from clothes you shop online, imported fruits or that packet of crisps you bought from the convenience store. Plastic, with known qualities of its strength, durability and resistance to water etc., can be very useful, however it also gave rise to a disposable economy. (Eventually, this material even infiltrated into our food chain!). Buying things package-free and in bulk can be easy if you go prepared. We will show you how! 你通常會對點處理你嘅包裝紙同盒?我地買嘅所有野幾乎都係包裝好,由網上購物,進口水果或便利店買的薯片都有。塑料具有佢嘅強度,耐久性和耐水性等品質,但佢只可以用一次。 (最終,呢種材料甚至會滲入我地嘅食物鏈)。如果你有準備,零包裝同批量購買東西可以好容易。等我地show俾你睇啦! Our actions have direct impact to the environment. Let’s reduce our impact one less piece of plastic packaging at a time. 我地嘅行為對環境有直接影響。我地要一齊減少塑料包裝嘅影響。 Comment below, tell us your thoughts on packaging! 話比我地知你對包裝嘅看法!



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