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Recycle *Properly*

I’m sure you must have learnt about the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - at some point. Just because ‘recycle’ comes last doesn’t mean it’s the least significant. Using less and reusing are undeniably the most effective & direct ways to conserve natural resources and reduce the amount of waste one creates but it doesn’t come easy for everybody. Within our current linear economy, recycling has the potential to make a huge difference. In 2016, Hong Kong’s overall solid waste recycling rate was at 34% though the disposal rate at landfill was on increase. We all know that recycling rates can never catch up with the rate which waste is being generated, but it shouldn’t stop us from doing our part properly, right?


讀小學的時候一定有學過’3R’吧 - Reduce (減少使用) 、Reuse (物盡其用)、Recycle (循環再造)。雖然循環再造係最後果個’R’,但不代表佢最不重要。減少使用同重複使用固然係保護自然資源和減少浪費最有效直接嘅方法,但要實行起來有時並不容易。在我們處於嘅線性經濟裡,回收利用可能最實際。2016年,香港嘅整體固體廢物回收率只有34%,但堆填區嘅廢物量卻在上升。回收率也許無法趕上廢物產生的速度,但無礙我們正確地做好個人嘅回收分類,對吧?


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