Coffee to go: Stojo

February 21, 2018


Coffee is essential to a lot of people. The Stojo cup was designed by three busy dads. They buy coffee everyday and one day they figured a scary fact that they throw away almost 1000 cups each year! As a result of this realisation, they dedicated 3 years in designing the cup for city hustlers just like them. Stojo is a portable and reusable cup that would massively reduce waste.


Stojo is made from recyclable materials, such as food grade silicone that is free of phthalates, glues and BPA.




Ladies, you are in luck - I find the Stojo cup is perfect for small bags! They are foldable and come in handy when you're not sure whether you want a coffee fix. Mine is a medium size cup but I recently discovered that Stojo expanded their product range to offer new large size cups too!


I myself did not experience it, but a friend of mine said it has a bit of leakage problem. However, for any coffee cups, please don't be too adventurous and turn them upside down. Another thing that slightly bothers me is that the cup sleeve falls off even when I place it still. Despite the little problems, I like the product overall, it makes green coffee run easier!




Expand the cup before you pass it to the barrister! Definitely check the lid and make sure it is secured properly to prevent leakages.


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