"Glassy": KeepCup

February 28, 2018

KeepCup is designed as a result of cafe owners in Australia becoming increasingly concerned packaging waste their business and customers consumed. I’m not a coffee drinker but I was attracted to the KeepCup’s nice aesthetics and simple design when I first saw it on instagram. Eventually I got one in 8 oz from their Brew Cork Series, which is a glass cup with cork band, from their official website. It ended up being a bit pricey after the shipping fee added up though. However, I decided overtime the cup would worth its value.




My KeepCup consists of a tempered glass cup, a sustainably sourced thermal cork band and a polypropylene (a stiffer plastic which is more heat resistant; commonly used in food containers) lid. I particularly like the way it feels in my hand, but not when it’s filled hot liquid! Glass becomes a conductor when heated to a high temperature, so be extra careful when holding the cup, especially the small size one. A wider cork band design would definitely help with the heat. I heard from a friend, who’s also a KeepCup user, that their silicone band doesn’t insulate well. Other than that, glass containers are amazing because they remain odourless and stainless after each wash.






When filled, KeepCup is better off held in the hand, rather than inside a large bag. It is not leak-proof so avoid large movements with it.


Where to buy:


Buy online or in-store at: https://livezero.hk/collections/keepcups-hongkong

International delivery: https://au.keepcup.com/




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