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April 16, 2018



I came across Dom’s deodorant at The Soap Dispensary when I was travelling in Vancouver after months of searching for a more eco-friendly deodorant that comes in minimal, plastic free/ recyclable packaging. Commercial deodorants can be found in many different form of packagings - plastic tubes, plastic sticks, mist sprayers and roll-on containers. How often do these really get recycled?


Frankly, I did not care about what my deodorant was made of as long as it works. However, now looking at the ingredients of my previous deodorant which apparently ‘tightens pores’ and ‘smoothens skin’, I find: Cyclomethicone, Stearyl Alcohol, Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex GLY, PPG-14 Butyl Ether, Talc, Hydrogenated Caster Oil etc. These are chemicals which I've never heard of and don't know what they would do to my body...


Dom’s offer 100% natural and vegan deodorant. Its main ingredients are coconut oil, baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and essential oils.




I tried Dom’s deodorant and I loved it immediately! It has a nice creamy texture (kind of like solidified coconut oil) which then melts and gets absorbed pretty much as soon as you spread it over your skin. More importantly, I stay stink-free throughout the entire day! Never have I ever tried a deodorant that works so well on me. I wouldn’t feel the slightest unease if people come up close and smell my armpit (haha). Fyi, this product is not meant to be an antiperspirant so you’d still sweat.


There’s one major disadvantage with this deodorant though… Since coconut oil is a main ingredient, it melts in warm temperature (above ~22°C)! Dom’s deodorant is made in Canada hence suits Canada’s climate better. It’s a different story in Hong Kong - my deodorant had been slowly melting since late March. Once it turns into entire liquid, what I do is that I stir to remix it and place it in the fridge whenever I'm not using it. I personally prefer its solidified state as application is less messy that way but it still functions alright in liquid form.


Dom’s deodorant is priced at around HKD 110 but each 70ml jar would last you quite a while. I’ve been using mine daily for the past 2 months and I foresee that it will last me a year. For new moms out there who are breastfeeding, we’d definitely recommend you to try it out or explore the different natural deodorants in the market.


Where to buy: 


Vancouver: The Soap Dispensary





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