All-natural Clothes Brushes

May 31, 2018


It’s shedding season… For those of you who keep pets at home, you shouldn’t be unfamiliar with animal fur flying around the house and ending up on your clothes. Often, the first thing in mind would be using a lint roller to remove the animal hair from your clothes. The lint roller is such a convenient invention, basically you roll-roll-roll then voilà! And I must admit it’s oddly satisfying to see lint, dirt and animal hair getting stuck onto the adhesive paper. When the adhesive sheet is no longer sticky, just tear it off to expose a new sheet and it’s good to roll again.


But I’m determined to do better for the environment. There are all sorts of reusable lint brushes/ removers on the market - some work better for your everyday jeans, some for soft finely woven fabrics, some for thick winter coats. Give them a try next time you consider buying a lint roller refill. (Guys, consider investing in a good quality clothes brush for your suits rather than using the sticky lint roller - they are way cooler!)








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