Tim Seafood

September 2, 2018


Earthero: So what are your thoughts on being environmentally friendly? 


Tim: More talks than action. I think to be environmentally friendly, it should be tackled from the start, including making less plastic, making it more expensive. If you provide the option to recycle, people will keep using it. 


Earthero: Have you seen people bringing their own box? 


Tim: Some people are worried about the water leakage, they want a plastic bag even if they have a box. I’ve also seen a customer went to buy a box just to be eco-friendly. I don’t think that’s the right way as I am sure he has a lot of boxes at home. 


Earthero:  What was it like before plastic? 


Tim: The last generation used dried weed and newspaper. They also used to use nylon string for crabs. We don’t see that anymore. 


Earthero: We have seen some eco-conscious campaigns by the government, including collection of foodwaste for organic farming. 


Tim: Some people just collect a bit out to get it done with... 


Earthero: Do people want a lot of plastic bags at once? 


Tim: Yes. I think in order to reduce the use of plastic bags, they should charge both merchants and consumers. Plastic bags have low cost, if both sides have to pay it’s more efficient. As long as it’s more expensive, less people will use it. When I shopped for clothes, and had to pay extra $2 for a bag, I’ll also have second thoughts. 


Earthero: Have you seen plastic in fish? 


Tim: No, these are mostly farm fish, I don’t think there are that many plastic bags to in the sea. 


Earthero: There is! It takes a long time for plastic bags to degrade, and fish do not know the difference of food and plastic. 


Tim: Well yes, if they have nothing to eat they will eat the plastic bags. Long time ago, the fishermen will sort out the small fish and shrimps and put them back to the ocean. But now it’s harder to employ and with less labour, they just pass everything to the sellers. For us, we can’t sell those small fish and shrimps so we just throw them away. It's a waste, and fish in the sea have less food. So they have to eat the plastic bags.





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