Wing Pork

September 14, 2018

Earthero: What do you think of the use of plastic bags and do people bring-their-own? 


Wing: We don’t like to use plastic bags too - for environmental reasons and for the extra costs. 3 generations ago, people bought fresh meat from butchers wrapped in paper. But to be honest, plastic bags make everything more convenient and efficient. There’s really no going back and I’d still choose to use them. Only 1 or 2 customers in a hundred would bring their own containers along. They are usually the younger generation. 


Earthero: Have you heard of biodegradable plastic bags?


Wing: This option sounds more expensive. Things like this needs to be initiated and implemented by the government for sure. I’m sure people would like the idea as nobody wants to keep doing harm to the planet. 


Earthero: From what you’ve seen, do you think people’s environmental awareness increased over the past 10 years? 


Wing: Fresh food is first bagged in plastic bags, then placed inside people’s ‘eco-friendly’ shopper bags. After all, carrying boxes all the way to the wet market is too much hassle. It’s already 50 years late to tell people to use less plastic now… But on a brighter note, seeing a few customers bring their own containers is some progress.


Earthero: What do you think of the collection of food waste within wet markets? 


Wing: I hope this would last. The collection is supposed to be twice a day but sometimes I don’t see anyone collecting the food waste. I support this campaign - it doesn’t take up much time to separate food waste from trash.




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